inspirational wall mural for your business from Rise Above Sign & Graphics

Why Murals on Walls at Your Business Make Sense

When business owners think about how they want to decorate their offices or retail locations, it can be easy to want to play it safe and stick to the expected. Wall murals can seem like a bit of a novelty for some people, but there are plenty of reasons why adding a wall mural for your business is a sensible choice. 

Wall Murals Display Your Personality

While creatively choosing paint colors does help convey your brand, it can only go so far. Plus, simply opting for painted walls won’t make the interior of your business stand out all that much. Choosing to install a wall mural gives you more of an opportunity to get creative with your images. Rather than simply adding color to your business, you can include images that more clearly send a message about your company’s identity and create immersive experiences for your clients and employees. 

Wall Murals are Versatile

Want to have larger-than-life photos on your walls? Want to display powerful messaging for everyone who walks through your doors? All of these and more are possible with wall murals. While you can create images and artwork with paint, this process is far more time-consuming than printing a wall mural, which means either you are spending hours creating it or someone is in your house or business for several days.

Wall murals can be pretty much anything you want them to be. Combine several elements to turn your walls into an interactive experience for your employees or customers. Welcome people into your office with your logo, mission, and company vision right on the wall. Keep children entertained in a brightly colored kids’ zone while they wait for their parents or to see the dentist. Whatever you can dream up, it’s likely to work with a wall mural. 

You Can Choose Permanent or Temporary Wall Graphics

If you don’t want to commit to a wall looking a certain way for a long time, you don’t have to with a wall mural. The printed material can be applied using a variety of specialty adhesives. This is especially helpful if you lease your space, because you can create the look you want while you are there, then remove it without damaging the walls when it’s time to move out.

Making an accent wall by adding stone or wood is a popular design trend right now, but installing and removing these materials is labor-intensive and messy. With wall murals, you can get the same effect much faster with less mess, and taking it down to change the look is quick and easy.

Wall Murals Make a Lasting Impact

Even though there are plenty of reasons for businesses to use wall murals in their offices and buildings, they still aren’t too common. Choosing to add high-impact visuals to your walls can set you apart from your competitors both when potential hires interview with you and clients come to see you. Give visitors and employees even more to talk about after they leave your office, medical facility, or retail space.