Best Type of Sign for Your Business

The Best Types of Signs for Your Business

Never underestimate the power of a quality sign. In a market where advertising continues to transition towards digital mediums, the impact of physical visuals remains as potent as ever. When it comes to getting your message across and compelling potential customers to look into your business, there are plenty of effective types of signs you can consider. 

Exterior Company Signs

One of the most important steps in converting leads into customers is getting people to walk through the door. Having effective signs outside your place of business will be what convinces many people to stop and take notice. 

Signs for exterior walls: To make sure your business will be easily spotted if you remain open after dark, consider an illuminated sign, which comes in a variety of forms. Front-lit or back-lit channel letters call attention to your building’s facade, as do cabinet signs. Routed signs also provide plenty of visual drama to capture people’s curiosity by backlighting a solid frame.

If being found after the sun goes down isn’t an issue, non-illuminated dimensional letters are a great option.

Freestanding exterior signs: This category includes monument signs, which can be lit or unlit, electronic messaging centers or digital reader boards, and pylon signs, which are essentially illuminated cabinet signs mounted on a pole to increase visibility. The benefit of using this type of sign is it can often be situated closer to the road or the entrance to a business park than a sign mounted on the side of a building.

Directional signage: Showing your customers where to enter and exit your lot, where to park, or where your drive-thru is can make their visit more pleasant and help you avoid traffic issues.

Temporary outdoor signage: Signage such as vinyl banners, aluminum composite material (ACM) signs, and yard signs are great temporary exterior sign solutions because they are often more affordable than more permanent options. 

Interior Business Signs

Of course, the customer journey doesn’t end when they walk through the door. Adding interior signs that improve the experience of anyone who enters will help leave a lasting impression, resulting in new and repeat customers. 

Wayfinding and directory signs: Help clients or patients find their way once they enter your building. Wayfinding signs literally point the way for your visitors with room names and arrows, while directory signs tell them on which floor or in which office suite the person or professional group they are looking for is located. 

Branding and corporate image signage: Branding gives clients an overall feeling of your company before they even speak to someone. Signs can portray your corporate image throughout your office, retail, or medical space. Prominently display your logo in your reception area with dimensional letters or graphics; share your mission or vision by incorporating them into inspiring wall graphics.

Experiential graphics: Wall murals and graphics can also create full-blown experiences for your customers, allowing adults to imagine themselves using your products or entertaining kids while their parents shop.

Point of purchase displays: Depending on the type of business you have, you can also choose to include point of purchase (POP) displays. This is a setup of items for sale paired with text and high-impact visuals to get customers to pick up more items before they leave a store. By including a well-designed POP display, you can significantly increase sales. 

Other types of interior signs: One great type of interior sign is a foam board sign. Made with lightweight but sturdy materials, a foam board sign is flexible and versatile. You can choose foam board signs of different sizes and include any imagery or text you want. 

Of course, there’s also the simple poster option. Posters can be made using different types of paper, cardboards, or other materials. A great option for both permanent and temporary displays, posters are cost-effective, versatile and can say just about anything you want. 

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