Digital Sign Boards

Digital sign boards (also called LED signs) allow you to display dynamic messaging and content electronically to share with your customers, prospects, or passerby’s. They are often colorful, engaging, and sometimes even interactive.

There are various options for monochrome or full-color readers. Digital sign boards can stand alone or be combined with other sign cabinets or specialized structures to meet your specific goal.

If you need help developing the content for these displays, let us know. We have talented graphic designers who can provide the expertise to make your digital display pop!

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Typical Pricing

Pricing for digital sign boards depends on multiple factors including size of display, technical needs, design needs, and installation requirements. If the sign is to be used externally, we will need to work with the city planner, or other jurisdiction, in your area to determine the specific allowable signage. Once we have a firm grasp of this information, we will be able to send you a rough estimate of the project cost.

Art Requirements

Our team consists of talented production and graphic design staff with impressive industry experience. The price we estimate for your project includes all production costs and may include two rounds of design for your signage (this may vary depending on your situation). We recommend that you work directly with us to create the designs for your sign. If you have worked with another designer on the sign, we may have to make changes to the design to fit the sign requirements by the permitting office (if required).

Production Information

Production time for digital sign boards varies based on the same factors as pricing: size of the of display, technical needs, design needs, and installation requirements. Typically, we can provide a timeline for completion once the sign package has been approved by all parties including you (the client), your landlord, and the permitting office.

Material delays, weather (if the digital sign is being installed outside), and holidays may impact timelines for these projects. We will try to meet your deadlines.

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