Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints

Gallery wrapped canvas prints are popular pieces of high-quality art that can elevate any space – whether it’s on the wall of an office, restaurant, shop, or home.

They are created by applying ink directly onto a canvas’ surface. Once printed, the canvas is wrapped and fixed to a frame to provide a three-dimensional effect. The combination of the high-quality print, the three-dimensional framing effect, and how the light reflects off of the canvas material lead to a unique piece of art that leads the pack in visual aesthetic.

Gallery wrapped canvas can be formatted to almost any size and can have a variety of finish options like matte, semi-gloss, and gloss. They can also be hung in many different ways depending on your specific needs.

We help businesses and individuals who are looking to brighten up their space with gallery wrapped canvas. We can transform personally shot photos and create wrapped canvas art at virtually any size. If you’re looking for high-quantity production of canvas prints for an office or workplace redesign, we offer bulk discounts on production and installation.

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