Wall Murals and Wall Graphics

When you have a wall begging for something more than just paint.

Uses for wall graphics

Unlike traditional wallpaper, wall graphics can be customized to create an environment, send a message, or evoke an emotion. Murals can take you somewhere you’ve never been with stock photography from around the globe, or they can return you to your favorite place by using your personal or professionally commissioned photos.

3D rendering of a sofa in front of a photo wall mural ocean sunset

Create the Moment

Love the beach? Rather be hiking a wooded trail? Wall murals can transform your room into your favorite vacation destination. For businesses that sell camping gear, auto racing parts, or cooking gadgets, these images can transport your customers to the campground, racetrack or kitchen so they can easily picture themselves using your products.

Turn Your Child's Room into an Experience

What kid wouldn’t love sleeping at night surrounded by the stars and planets on all four walls? Or maybe they’d rather find themselves in the middle of an aquarium full of fish, sea turtles, and sharks. If your child loves horses, let them spend their time at home feeling like they’re at the barn.

A spacious boy bedroom with a beautiful turquoise and grey mountain wall mural and bookshelves
Old map of South Vietnam & Cambodia in French on wall of Saigon

Add some WOW to your Workplace

Your employees are your greatest asset. Show them some love by giving them a cool place to spend their working hours. Create a three-dimensional, interactive accent wall to prove once and for all that work can be fun, and continue the theme throughout the entire building with colorful walls and intriguing designs. For a more subdued office, keep them motivated and dedicated to doing their best with beautiful scenes and inspirational sayings.

Put Learning Front and Center

Whether you’re teaching kids at school or at home, the right environment puts your students in learning mode. Surround younger children with colors, shapes, and letters, or immerse teens in the subjects they’ll be learning with larger-than-life scenes of history and science.

Old map of South Vietnam & Cambodia in French on wall of Saigon
Old map of South Vietnam & Cambodia in French on wall of Saigon

Honor Those Who Have Contributed

At Rise Above Signs, we can create a stunning donor wall for nonprofits to honor their benefactors, or a timeline showing the progression and growth of a company over the decades.

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Wall murals vs. peel-and-stick wallpaper

Wallpaper is making a comeback, and much of it is now peel-and-stick, eliminating the need to soak it in water or apply wallpaper paste. Wall murals also come with adhesive on the back, so in this regard, the two are the same.

However, wallpaper is typically printed in large quantities, which limits the amount of creativity you can add to your walls. With custom wall murals from Rise Above Signs, any image can be added to your walls. Personal photos, images of products or employees, logos, vision statements, abstract graphics—all of these and more can become part of your decor.

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Are Wall Murals Permanent?

Wall murals can be permanent, but they don’t have to be, which is good news for anyone who rents their office or living space.

The level of permanence depends on the type of adhesive used on the back of the wall graphic. If you own the space and know you will want your wall decor to be up for some time, use a permanent adhesive. If you are leasing, we can use a semi-permanent or temporary adhesive so your wall mural or graphic can be removed.

Using temporary wall graphics can add visual interest to walls you aren’t allowed to paint or pierce with nails or screws. Brighten up your college student’s dorm room with decals, add a wall of texture to your apartment, or showcase your company’s mission statement in your reception area. When it is time to move out, remove your personal touch while keeping the walls, and your security deposit, intact.

Even if you own your home or commercial building, having removable decor is still a plus. Consider the difference between removing actual wood or stone from an accent wall when it’s time for a new look and removing a sheet of textured vinyl. The answer of which would be easier is pretty obvious.

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