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Posters have always been an effective form of print advertising used to spread messages to the public. Even today, many people learn about upcoming events, concerts, theatrical performances, and more by reading a well-placed poster. Posters can be taped to walls, placed into display cases, or mounted to foam core (also called a mounted poster) and set on easels. They can spread any message to any market.

Poster Facts:

  • At nearly any size, they are an affordable signage option.
  • They often have attractive, eye-catching finishes – including matte and gloss finish.
  • Posters have multiple uses: they can be mounted, hung, adhered, placed in a case – you name it, it can be done.

Finding a print partner who can handle high quality and high quantity poster runs can be challenging. You can trust Rise Above Sign & Graphics with your bulk poster printing project because we have the technology and team to handle print runs of any size. With the world’s fastest full-color, 64-inch roll-to-roll printer, we can produce posters at a rate that other sign companies can’t match.

On average: in one hour, with extremely high quality, we can print:

  • 100 posters at the dimensions 24” x 36”
  • 200 posters at the dimensions 18” x 24”
  • 450 posters at the dimensions 11” x 17”



The standard sizes for posters are:

  • 24” x 36”
  • 18” x 24”
  • 16” x 20”
  • 11” x 17”

We’ve printed posters at almost every size imaginable. Our technology allows us to print large format posters at maximum dimensions of 60” by any length. If you have a poster design that requires a custom size, you can be confident that our team can handle it. Our shop specializes in large format prints.



The stock poster materials we carry are 8 mil and 9 mil poster, which is the most common weight and media. If you need a specific type of poster media for your project, like backlit poster media, we can also help.  



To print your posters, we use our Canon Oce Colorado, one of the leading UV wide-format printers in the industry. This printer gives us the capability to produce high-quality posters at high speeds. The Canon Oce Colorado treats prints with a UV finish, which creates vibrant color and detail to the poster, no matter the size. This UV finish gives posters a resistance to the sun and elements which eliminates the requirement of a laminated finish.



Laminate is an optional addition that you can have added to your posters to help them achieve a distinct look. Lamination offers an extra layer of protection for your graphics. This protection can be important for businesses looking for a very long-term outdoor sign solution. We offer matte or gloss lamination options that add to the appeal of your final print:

  • Gloss Finish: gives the poster a reflective sheen, which often makes the poster more attractive
  • Matte Finish: limits any reflective sheen, which is usually nice for outdoors applications (reduces glare from the sun).



No poster project is too large or complex for our company. With a team of account managers, planning, organizing and executing on projects with various needs is completely possible. We also deliver quality assurance checks because delivering to you the best product possible is important to us.

If you need multiple posters at varying sizes, our account managers can help organize and execute the project. Our approach to managing projects includes a high-level of communication about artwork, production, and delivery.



We are based in Charleston, South Carolina and offer very quick turnaround for poster projects in the local market. Our technology and talented team allows us to service any company in the US. At Rise Above, integrity is at the core of who we are: if you need your posters by a certain time and we can’t achieve it, we’ll let you know up front. We’re up front about our turnaround times and will let you know immediately about delivery expectations.

If speed and quality are what you’re looking for in a poster printing partner, give us a try!

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