Poster Printing

Throughout history, posters have been used to spread messages. The military has always used posters as a means of recruitment (remember Rosie the Riveter and Uncle Sam?). Posters are fixed to walls, street poles, and offices to spread the news about job openings, lost puppies, and safety regulations. To this day, posters are used to capture attention and inspire imagination for theatrical performances and movie showings.

These various uses of posters all have something in common: posters spark intrigue, awareness, conversation, and action.

Why Use Posters?

Posters of nearly any size offer an affordable option when seeking a full-color wide-format print. We keep a standard 8 mil poster media in stock and offer matte or gloss lamination as finishing options that add to the appeal of your final print. Posters printed on our Canon Oce Colorado, one of the leading UV printers in the industry, are automatically treated to resist fade from the sun and other elements that may degrade the quality of posters over time.


High Capacity Poster Printing

With high-quality and high-capacity production capabilities, Rise Above Sign and Graphics is your premiere poster printing company in Charleston and the Southeast United States. Our difference is our technology. Because of this, we can produce high-quality posters in just a fraction of the time as the other guys – saving you time, money, and hassle. We also offer bulk discounts for long-run poster printing.

High-Quality Custom Posters

What message do you want to spread? We offer custom poster printing to meet your unique size, quantity, and quality needs. With all posters produced in-house, you can rest assured that we will see your poster project through from start to finish. Need help with your custom design? Our talented designers can completely design your posters or, at a minimum, optimize the files for print to give you the most vibrant posters possible.


Poster Printing in Charleston, SC

We’re big believers in supporting local businesses. We partner with businesses and event planners in the Lowcountry to produce all of their signage needs, including posters. If you need a high quantity of posters for your next event or promotion, give us a chance. We promise you’ll be impressed with our customer service, price, and quality.

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