Poster Printing

Throughout history posters have been used to spread messages – the most famous examples elicit clear and memorable images: Rosie the Riveter flexing, Uncle Sam pointing, your favorite band on stage. Whether they are adhered to walls, placed into ornate display cases, or mounted to foam core and set on easels, posters can spread any message to any market in many ways.

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Why Use Posters?

Posters spark intrigue, awareness, conversation, and action. More specifically:

  • At nearly any size, they are an affordable signage option.
  • They often have attractive, eye-catching finishes – including matte and gloss finish.
  • They have the flexibility of multiple end-uses: mounted, hung, adhered, placed in a case – you name it, it has been done.


Poster Sizes

We can create any size poster needed, at any quantity. The most common sizes for posters are:

  • 24” x 36”
  • 18” x 24”
  • 16” x 20”
  • 11” x 17”

We also offer large format posters, with the ability to print posters as large as 60” wide with any length.

Poster Media Options

At Rise Above Sign & Graphics, our stock poster material is 8 mil poster, which is the most common weight. We also occasionally stock 9 mil poster, which is a little more rigid, and backlit poster material for display cases with lighting. If you have a specific media that you would like used in your project, let us know and we will stock it.


Poster Printing

Our Canon Oce Colorado, one of the leading UV wide-format printers in the industry, gives us the digital printing capability to produce high quality and high quantity runs of posters. Because of the UV finish, these posters are automatically treated to resist fade from the sun and other elements that may degrade the quality of posters over time.


Poster Finishing

We offer matte or gloss lamination options that add to the appeal of your final print:

  • Gloss Finish: gives the poster a reflective sheen, which often makes the poster more attractive
  • Matte Finish: limits any reflective sheen, which is usually nice for outdoors applications (reduces glare from the sun).


Management of Complex Poster Projects

If you need multiple posters at varying sizes, our account managers can help organize and execute the project. Our approach to managing projects includes a high-level of communication about artwork, production, and delivery.


Local and national reach

We’re big believers in supporting local businesses and partner with businesses and event planners in the Lowcountry to produce their signage, including posters.

With our high-level of production technology and our logistics partners, we can provide amazing-looking posters to anyone in the USA.

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