Create a customer experience with a custom printed wall mural from Rise Above Sign & Graphics in Charleston SC

Creating Experiential Interiors with Wall Murals

Adding wall graphics to your business will certainly add visual interest, but that’s far from the only way wall graphics can transform your interior. Wall murals are incredibly versatile and can be used to create effects for your business or home that go beyond just looks. 

How Wall Murals Create Experiential Interiors

When you choose to include a printed wall mural, you can create almost anything. As opposed to wallpaper or paint, you can use any kind of visuals, from digitally designed graphics to photography. These images can be blown up to large sizes, dramatically increasing the impact of any interior. 

Interactive Wall Murals

Using wall graphics allows you to create new ways for your customers to engage with your business while adding to the overall experience. One way you can make your space interactive with wall murals is to create the perfect spot to pose for selfies. Put one in the lobby or showroom of your business and encourage people to tag your company on social media. These types of wall murals are also perfect for bars and cafes. Not only does this make the experience more fun for customers, but you get some free marketing in the process. 

You could also use an interactive wall mural to turn normally mundane aspects of a business into something memorable. Perhaps you have a lobby that’s somewhat difficult to navigate. You could include wall graphics that creatively give customers directions around your office. Or maybe you have a yogurt shop where customers fill their own bowls. Rather than simply putting signs up with printed instructions, include creative wall graphics with witty sayings and photos of previous customers’ dessert creations.

Integrating Other Decorative Items

Wall murals don’t have to do all the work when creating an experiential interior. You can pair wall graphics with other fun items to pull a concept together. One example of this is an orthodontic office that included a video game-themed wall mural with actual video game consoles attached to the walls. 

Going back to the selfie idea, you could include pieces of furniture that match the wall mural or go along with the theme to make taking and sharing photos more fun. 

Larger-Than-Life Ideas

Wall-size graphics impact anyone who walks through your doors because their sheer size makes them impossible to miss, and they can transport visitors to another place. For instance, if you own a New York-style pizza shop, you could include a wall mural that immerses your customers in a New York-themed setting, such as images of the New York City skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and Central Park. 

You can also create similar experiences in your own home, such as making a barnyard or ocean scene in your kid’s bedroom. 

Don’t limit yourself to paint or pre-printed wallpaper when thinking about how to spruce up your decor. Include wall murals to create an experience your customers won’t forget.