Rise Above Sign & Graphics compares peel and stick wallpaper with custom printed wall murals

Peel and Stick Wallpaper vs. Wall Murals

Wall decorations have come quite a long way since your grandma first applied the old-fashioned wallpaper that’s probably still on her walls. Unlike the tacky patterns and gaudy colors that were once only used in homes, today’s wall coverings can propel your home or company’s interior into the modern age. While wallpaper is different than it used to be, even peel and stick wallpaper just can’t quite keep up with the advantages of wall mural prints

Customize Your Business Space with Wall Murals

When it comes to creating a custom look that’s unique for your business, wall murals are the way to go. Peel and stick wallpaper is mass-produced. So while you may have some options available to you with wallpaper, you’ll still end up with a design that’s more likely already on someone else’s walls and less likely to be a true reflection of you or your business. 

On the other hand, you can create something entirely new when you opt for printed wall murals. Whether it’s based on a photo, digital graphic, or texture, there are no limits to what your custom wall mural can be. 

More Image Options

In the same vein, wallpaper is very limited in terms of the types of visuals you can achieve. Wallpaper is limited to shapes and patterns in various colors printed on paper. This doesn’t look bad, but it can still leave your space feeling lackluster.

Printed wall murals can be far more than just patterns and colors. You can use stock photos or your personal photos to create a completely immersive environment for your clients. Or, custom graphics can be made to inspire your employees or honor company founders or non-profit donors. None of these options are possible with peel and stick wallpaper. Go one step further with three-dimensional wall murals that invite people to interact with the space.

Flexible Sizing

When you choose a custom printed wall mural, you can blow up images to very large sizes or scale them smaller depending on the dimensions of your walls. There’s no need to crop images or waste money on extra rolls of wallpaper to get a repeating pattern to match at the seams. Based on our measurements or yours, each wall graphic is printed to fit your space.

Professional or DIY Installation

If you buy pre-printed wallpaper, you’ll be stuck with the task of applying the wallpaper yourself or finding someone to install it for you, adding one more step to your renovation process. Choosing custom wall murals means you don’t have to reach out to a third party for installation. Plus, wall graphics often take less time to install than wallpaper because it has been fabricated to fit the exact measurements of your walls, meaning you’ll get to see the results sooner than if you had chosen wallpaper. 

If you prefer to install your wall coverings yourself, your wall mural is guaranteed to fit perfectly in the space it was designed for.

When it comes to making your walls pop with beautiful images, custom wall murals and graphics are the best option for your business.