Sign Fabrication

Are you looking for a truly custom sign to catch the eye of your audience? Custom sign fabrication taps the collective creativity of our team and yours to produce a sign that is perfectly crafted for your situation.

With welding, CNC routing, illumination, and multiple other fabrication and assembly capabilities, the only limits to your sign is the boundary of your imagination.

Sign fabrication pulls the processes/products from one or more of the following:

Composite Aluminum Signs

Digital Sign Boards

Illuminated Business Signs

Routed Signs

Dimensional Letter Signage

Channel Letters

If you’d like to get started with your very own custom fabricated sign, contact us today. If you’d like to learn more about our process, scroll down.

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Typical Pricing

Pricing for fabricated signage is completely custom to your situation. After we have a discovery meeting to discuss your sign needs, and possibly a site survey (if an exterior installation is involved), we will better be able to discuss pricing for your project. Multiple factors including size, color, material, illumination strategy, location, and installation all weigh into the final price.

Art Requirements

Our team consists of talented production and graphic design staff with impressive industry experience. The price we estimate for your project includes all production costs and may include two rounds of design for your signage (this may vary depending on your situation). We recommend that you work directly with us to create the designs for your sign. If you have worked with another designer on the sign, we may have to make changes to the design to fit the sign requirements by the permitting office (if required).

Production Information

Production time for your fabricated sign will depend on factors like sign size, color, material, illumination strategy, location and installation. Typically, we can provide a timeline for completion once the final sign package, which includes an estimate for the project along with a 40% deposit up front has been approved by all parties including you (the client), your landlord, and the permitting office.

Material delays, weather, and holidays may impact timelines for these projects. We will try to meet your deadlines, however sign creation is a complex process and requires time to be done correctly.

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