Custom Backlit Signage

Backlit signage offers an eye-catching way to bring your message to life while allowing the viewer to read the message day or night. They are created from a transparent or translucent material with a custom graphic applied to its face. Lights are fixed behind the face and push light through the back of the sign to the front where the graphics relay a message. This effect creates an illuminated sign that conveys important information about your brand.

Backlit Posters for Existing Displays

Backlit signage requires different material than standard posters displays. The material needs to be translucent to allow the light to shine through. Our team has experience creating backlit posters of all sizes, and have installed these posters in event venues, theaters, and historical locations all over Charleston.


New Backlit Signage Construction

Do you need a new backlit sign created for your space? We create custom backlit display cases for short-term or long-term needs. We’ll coordinate the construction, installation, and graphics management for your backlit signage needs.

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