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Different Types of Wall Murals and Graphics for Your Business

Compelling, real-life visuals are a powerful way to make a great impression on your clients and prospects while showing people a bit about who you are. Having great exterior signs are important for getting people through the door, but it’s just as important to include engaging visuals inside your place of business. When you create a memorable environment, you’ll be more likely to see people return. Wall murals and graphics can pack the visual punch your interior needs. 

What Are Wall Murals?

As the name suggests, a wall mural is an image that covers a whole wall in your building. Made from various types of materials, full wall murals are designed to seamlessly cover the wall of your office or retail space. The sheer size some printers are able to create allows for endless attractive options. 

While murals can also be painted on walls, printed wall murals boast many benefits over painted ones. Rather than being restricted to what an artist can create with paint and a brush, anything is possible with printed murals. You can include stock photography or your own pictures, digital illustrations, or intricate designs to communicate your brand and make a memorable impression. 

Because printed wall murals are created off-site, the time someone will spend installing it in your business is a fraction of what it would take an artist to paint something by hand. This means your business is interrupted for a much shorter period of time. Wall murals can also be removable, depending on the type of adhesive used, making them much easier to remove when it’s time for an updated look or to move to a different space.

Wall Murals that Tell a Story

Most companies have a story, and wall murals can tell their stories in a larger-than-life format. Your photos can be combined with a custom-designed timeline to walk employees and clients through the history of your business achievements, or introduce them to the people who made the company a reality.

Your walls can also tell the stories of clients, customers or patients whose lives have changed or who have been positively affected by your company or healthcare facility. These testimonials not only serve as a testament to your business, they also give current clients or patients hope.

Wall Graphics that Sell Your Product or Service

Instead of trying to sell your products surrounded by blank, boring walls, use vinyl wall murals to take your customers to the place your products are used. Surround your kitchen equipment with life-size images of the inside of a commercial kitchen. Sell your climbing gear with the help of towering cliffs or a 3D climbing wall. Immersing your customers in the experience will make using your products easier for them to visualize.

Walls that Keep Kids Happy and Entertained

A bored child can easily cut a shopping trip or business deal short. Providing a brightly colored, entertaining space for children to hang out in allows your customers to focus on you and your products or services. Fun photos or illustrations can also help take a child’s mind off of their appointment at the doctor’s or dentist’s office and reduce their anxiety.

Don’t just focus on the exterior of your business, add visual impact to the interior as well to differentiate yourself from your competitors and keep your clients and employees interacting with your brand. Contact Rise Above Sign & Graphics today to discover how we can make your vision a reality.