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Your event deserves signage that effectively directs, engages, and informs attendees. We provide custom signage and graphics solutions that will ensure a memorable experience so attendees will look forward to next year’s event. Need some help determining your signage needs? We offer a free consultation so you get the signage you need at the price that best fits your budget.

Take a look at how we helped transform the amazing Charleston Wine + Food festival with custom experiential signage, print production, design, and installation.

Event Signage Solutions

Event Sign Design & Artwork Coordination

Whether you need us to measure a space and determine custom sign dimensions for your project, or you have set art size requirements for your event, we can design, create, and install the signage that helps your event take off.

If you have a designer creating the art for production, that’s fine with us! We will coordinate design and file formatting requirements so that you get the highest quality signs possible. We have experience working with teams of all sizes and understand the importance of clarity when communicating. It’s even one of our core values!

Sign Set-up and Take Down

We have a dedicated team of installation specialists who can deliver and install signage for an hourly rate. Before beginning the project, we’ll need to know the install locations for each sign, the method of installation, and any material needed.

Communication is everything when it comes to setting up event signage. Understanding specific timelines and potential hurdles will help us coordinate the right team at the right time. If you need a dedicated install team-member at your event, let us know.

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Types of Signs for Events

Effective Directional Signage

Directional signage allows attendees to get from point A to point B without them getting lost and frustrated. This signage can take shape in mounted displays (like foam board signs), banners, floor graphics, high-quality posters, and more. For a larger venue, you should use large mounted displays showing a map of the venue with clearly labeled room names, refreshment locations, and exhibitor booths so attendees can easily plan their time and make the most out of your event.


Interactive Event Displays

Shareable experiences are encouraged with engaging and creative signage, which is a key to making your event memorable.

  • Step and Repeat Banners encourage attendees to take pictures while giving you an avenue to promote your sponsors.
  • Mounted Props give attendees a reason to take photos and post on social media, which increases your brand/event reach outside of the walls of the venue.
  • Custom signs are also something that we are happy to help with. Sometimes corporate events can feel like a ‘sea of sameness’. If you have a creative idea for custom signage that would stand out and be memorable, ask us about it. Creative sign solutions are not only our trade, but they are also our passion.


Event Sponsor Signs

Sponsors play a critical role to make your event happen – make sure you properly thank them with your corporate event signage. You can increase the likelihood of a positive return on investment for sponsors by properly showcasing their brands, making them much more likely to sponsor your future events (or even better, taking their sponsorship to the next level). You can get your sponsors in front of attendees using high-quality pop-up displays, full-size banners, vinyl lettering on walls, or mounted displays.


Environmental Signs

Sometimes, freestanding event signage just isn’t enough. You want your attendees to feel like they are somewhere else – whether it’s the moon, a chic east-coast event, or on a beach. Environmental signs allow you to physically transform a space using creative combinations of signage, art, and installation. Your imagination is the only limit to what we can create with our state of the art printers and routers, and quality materials.


We want to be your event signage partner and offer competitive discounts and dedicated customer service to customers looking for a long-term, win-win relationship with their sign provider.

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