Backlit Display Signs

Backlit signs offer an attractive and eye-catching approach to bringing your brand to life. They are created from a transparent or translucent material with a custom graphic applied to its face. Lights are fixed behind the face and push light through the back of the sign to the front where the graphics relay a message. This effect creates an illuminated sign that conveys important information about your brand.

This type of sign might be right for your situation if you need a sign that is visible through the day and night – this could be a restaurant, airport, medical center, or any business that gets foot traffic into the night.

We can custom craft your backlit sign and make sure your message is seen. Contact us today to get started or scroll down to learn more about our process.

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Typical Pricing

Pricing for backlit signs depends on multiple factors including size, color, material, illumination strategy, location, and installation. Once we have a firm grasp of your sign needs, which usually occurs after we have performed a site survey and contacted the city planner to discuss the sign options for your location, we will be able to send you a rough estimate of the project cost. Contact us today for a custom quote.

Art Requirements

Routed signs require special consideration regarding design. We’ll work with you to analyze your situation and goals then support your project with one of our sign design professionals. We can work with your existing brand guidelines and artists to prepare necessary files and formats required for production.

Production Information

Production time for backlit signs varies based on the same factors as pricing: size, color, material, illumination strategy, location, and installation. Typically, we can provide a timeline for completion once the sign package has been approved by all parties including you (the client), your landlord, and the permitting office.

Material delays, weather (if the sign is exterior), and holidays may impact timelines for these projects. We will try our best to meet your deadlines.

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