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Also known as 3D signs or raised letter signs, this type of signage adds a new dimension to your messaging.

Created from individually cut or shaped letters, dimensional signs from Rise Above add depth while other signs don't. The letters can be attached directly to the wall or background for a subtle difference, or mounted on studs to make them even more three-dimensional.

Whether you use individual letter signs for the interior or exterior of your business, your message is sure to stand out!

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Lighting an interior sign draws more attention to it and makes exterior signs visible long after the sun goes down. Dimensional signs look great when lit from the front or from behind.

Individual letters can be lit with separate lights behind each one, or the entire sign can be illuminated by a spot or other from of lighting mounted above or below.

Exterior dimensional letters by sign company in Charleston SC

materials used in 3D signs

We make dimensional letter signs out of pretty much anything that can be cut, routed, or shaped. The most common materials we use are different types of metals—stainless steel, aluminum, copper—plastic, and acrylic.

Metals tend to be pricier than the other options, but can make an outstanding custom sign if the metal matches your brand and look. If you want a non-metallic color, it is most cost-effective to use plastic or acrylic which come in various colors and can be painted.

3D Sign Installation

Because some dimensional signs are comprised of individual letters, they can be more challenging to install, especially if they are backlit. Our professional installers have mounted dozens of these types of signs, and we have the necessary equipment, which is why we highly recommend having us install them.

Dimensional signs that are mounted to a background or are lit from the front are a little easier to install, but still best left to the professionals.

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